Universal Polymer Base Neck Cone Air Filter Ramair CC-505-70 70mm


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This filter is designed to be fitted to the outside of a rigid pipe such as a MAF sensor housing.

These filters have an rubber polymer neck and a cone shaped filter element. This enables easy fitting to space-restricted engine compartments, whilst providing a large surface to maximise potential air flow. The filters are constructed using stainless steel cage internal and our famous 15mm thick twin layer foam. 

Ramair universal filters are designed and manufactured for a very diverse range of applications and are made here in the UK. They are available in many different sizes and styles available. 

This product has the following dimensions:

Filter Internal Neck Diameter: 70mm

Filter Neck Length: 14mm

Filter Overall Height: 208mm

Filter Base Width: 180x102mm

Filter Top Width: 185x105mm

Filter Material: 15mm Dual Layer Foam

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