TurboSmart BOV Kompact EM Plumb Back VR14 (Mclaren)


Produkto kodas: TS-0223-1285

Produkto kodas: TS-0223-1285 Kategorijos: ,


Kompact EM Plumback Valve (VR14) is a direct replacement for the factory, electronic Diverter Valve, as found on the Mclaren 720 (Refer Make / Model Tool for more applications). The award-winning Kompact EM series Blow-Off Valves, are the worlds first truly plug and play Blow-Off Valves. Simply unplug and unbolt your OEM Blow-Off Valve, and install ours in its place. No adapters, hoses or extra assembly required. All this while retaining complete OE control of the BOVs operation. Plumb Back vents entirely back into the air intake. Features Patented Integrated Pressure Control True Plug & Play Installation Complete Unit Replacement – No Fiddly Bits Integrated Proprietary Hi-Temp Solenoid Valve Billet Aluminium Construction with Hi-Temp O-Rings

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