TurboSmart BOV EM Ford F150 Plumb Back


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The Turbosmart Plumb Back EM High Flow Diverter Valve combines the SEMA Award Winning EM Vehicle Integration technology and our tried and tested BOV5 architecture. Featuring a return hose for hi-flowing Plumb Back Performance and a direct fit Billet Aluminium Valve utilizing a 38mm / 1.5″” Positive Seal Piston, this valve will provide enough flow even for seriously modified vehicles while happily working on the factory and mildly tuned cars. This Upgraded Diverter Valve for the F150 EcoBoost is a Plug & Play recirculating / plumback upgrade that can hold it’s own, even with huge boost and flow! EM Technology Inside! The Turbosmart Patented EM System allows full integration with the factory electronics of later model vehicles. Some car manufacturers have taken to fitting electronic solenoid-actuated diverter valves and have done this to use the valve for several other purposes outside the traditional use, such as when lifting the throttle, etc. The EM Technology allows full integration with these systems and the Motorsport Proven reliability and Performance of a mechanical, piston-based valve. Features EM ‘Electro-Mechanical Full OE Integration True Plug & Play Upgrade 100% Recirculating for OE Integration High Flow BOV5 Design for high boost and upgraded power levels 38mm�� / 1.5″” Coated Alluminium Positive Seal Piston Boost-Balance Valve Technology 100% Recirculating for OE Integration Black Anodized for a low profile, high quality appearance Black silicon Hose return pipe.

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