Set of Carbon Splitters Audi RS3 8Y Sedan

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Audi RS3 Sedan 8Y 2020 –

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In a set:

Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Audi RS3 Sedan / Sportback 8Y

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts Audi RS3 Sedan / Sportback 8Y

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Audi RS3 Sedan 8Y

Carbon Fiber Rear Side Splitters V.2 Audi RS3 Sedan 8Y

Carbon Fiber Tailgate Spoiler Audi RS3 Sedan 8Y

Carbon fiber materials are characterized by high durability and low weight. Carbon is very often utilized in motorsport, especially in vehicle aerodynamics. Various types of spoilers, diffusers, splitters and flaps are often made of carbon.

In our Carbon Division – a production department specialized in working with carbon – the elements we offer are made, including the Carbon Set for the Audi RS3 8Y Sedan

Carbon Set lowers the body. As a result, the airflow space at the front under the car is reduced by 2 centimeters. All elements are equipped with mounting holes. These holes allow you to avoid interfering with the structure of the element and therefore do not reduce its strength.

All elements of the set were made in Poland. They were made by thermopressure processing. Carbon fiber is hardened at high temperature and pressure. An autoclave is used for this purpose. This is the most modern method of carbon production, guaranteeing excellent results – both in terms of strength and visual properties.

We ship carbon products properly secured – in addition to regular foil that protects the component from scratches, we also use a large amount of bubble wrap and a protective mat that secure the product from impacts and vibrations during transport.

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