Performance Intake Foam Air Filter Kit Ramair SR-225-BK-ECU Ford Focus ST 225 Black with ECU Holder


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This is a performance induction kit for the Ford Focus ST 225. This intake kit replaces the restrictive OEM air box.


  • Ramair MAF safe dry foam filter with 1032cm2 surface area.
  • ECU bracket which still fits to your standard mounting points.
  • 4-ply high quality silicone hoses.

What Does It Do?

Ramair SR induction kits are designed to eliminate the major sources of air flow restriction that your vehicle experiences from the factory intake system. Ramair guarantees that by replacing your restrictive OEM intake system with an aftermarket Ramair component you will see an increase in power and throttle response. The filters are designed to achieve high, almost unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure the longevity of your engine.

What Will I Get?

Ramair Filters utilise the top-quality components in all their kits see below for what this kit will include:

  • Twin layer foam filter
  • Black silicone elbow and coupler
  • CAD Developed, Laser Cut, Powdercoated ECU bracket.
  • Full fitting kit with all nuts, bolts and brackets required
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions


Ford Focus (MK2) 2.5 ST 2006-2010

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