Mishimoto MMINT-MK7-15KP Intercooler Kit for Volkswagen GTI 15+ Polished Pipes


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The mantra behind the grandfather of all hot-hatchbacks has long since been that big things come in small packages. Now on its 7th generation, the 2015+ Golf TSI/GTI/R’s and its intercooling system are about to receive a much-needed overhaul with the Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Kit. The stock system can be best described as the meat in an intercooler sandwich. It’s no wonder with it placed directly between the radiator and AC condenser that this tube-and-fin constructed intercooler has trouble keeping up. Where this lighter core coupled with plastic end tanks might be suited for mass production and tame street driving, it will struggle to keep your intake air temperatures down under more intense driving, especially after the boost is turned up. The Mishimoto 2015+ Volkswagen MK7 Golf TSI/GTI/R Performance Intercooler, armed with an arsenal of cooling technology, takes the place of the stock intercooler. Our engineers were able to squeeze in a larger core, increasing the overall volume by 89% over stock and bumping up the external fin surface area by 162%. On top of the larger core, our all-aluminum, TIG-welded intercooler features a more robust bar-and-plate construction for better heat dissipation characteristics. In addition, the cast aluminum end tanks are integrated with airflow diverters to ensure use of the full core. In addition to the more robust intercooler, our Performance Intercooler Kit for your 2015+ Golf or Audi A3/S3 includes our Performance Intercooler Pipe Kit. We ditched the stock plastic piping and rubber couplers for mandrel-bent aluminum piping and 5-layer silicone couplers. Our piping increases the air channels to and from the intercooler to 2.75 inches, resulting in a 30% increase in flow.When combined, our innovations for the MK7 intercooling system yielded max power gains of 14.5 whp and 13 wtq on the stock tuning. In addition, our charged air cooler dropped intercooler outlet temperatures by 23 FThis Part Fits:YearMakeModelSubmodel2015-2020AudiA3Premium2015-2020AudiA3Premium Plus2015-2019AudiA3Prestige2015-2016AudiA3TDI Premium2015-2016AudiA3TDI Premium Plus2015-2016AudiA3TDI Prestige2019AudiA3Titanium2015-2019AudiA3 QuattroPremium2015-2019AudiA3 QuattroPremium Plus2015-2019AudiA3 QuattroPrestige2020AudiS3Premium2015-2020AudiS3Premium Plus2015-2019AudiS3Prestige2015-2021AudiTT QuattroBase2018-2021AudiTT RS QuattroBase2015-2021AudiTTS QuattroBase2016VolkswagenGolfBase2015VolkswagenGolfLaunch Edition2015-2018VolkswagenGolfS2015-2016,2018VolkswagenGolfSE2015-2016VolkswagenGolfSEL2015VolkswagenGolfTDI S2015VolkswagenGolfTDI SE2015VolkswagenGolfTDI SEL2021VolkswagenGolfTSi2020VolkswagenGolfValue Edition2017VolkswagenGolfWolfsburg Edition2017-2019VolkswagenGolf AlltrackS2017-2019VolkswagenGolf AlltrackSE2017-2019VolkswagenGolf AlltrackSEL2015-2019VolkswagenGolf RBase2015-2019VolkswagenGolf SportWagenS2015-2018VolkswagenGolf SportWagenSE2015-2018VolkswagenGolf SportWagenSEL2015-2020VolkswagenGTIAutobahn2015-2021VolkswagenGTIS2015-2020VolkswagenGTISE2017VolkswagenGTISport

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