Mishimoto MMINT-CTR-17KBKWRD Intercooler Kit for Honda Civic Type R 17+ Black w/ Wrinkle Red Pipes


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Honda Civic 17+ FK8 Type-R Intercooler Mishimoto Black/RedFeatures:* Patent Pending* Direct fit for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R* 120mm thick intercooler design optimized for maximum flow* Max power gains of up to 10 whp and 10 wtq* Drops outlet air temperatures by 10°C on stock tuning* Optimal core design for maximum cooling efficiency with minimal pressure drop* Intercooler volume increased by 169% and external fin surface area by 189%* 64mm piping diameter improves flow characteristics* Mandrel-bent aluminum cold-side piping for increased durability* Available in silver or black intercooler with the option of wrinkle black or wrinkle Rallye Red piping* Mishimoto Lifetime WarrantyIt’s no easy feat to be dubbed as one of the fastest front-wheel drive production cars in the world. Honda put all of their engineering prowess behind this achievement, but since the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R finds itself in the gray area of track fiend and commuter car, some sacrifices had to be made. One of those sacrifices comes in the form of the underperforming intercooling system. Under intense driving conditions or just being caught in a sweltering summer day, the stock tube-and-fin intercooler soaks with heat, quelling the performance of your CTR.We here at Mishimoto aim to put that power back into your hot-Honda by keeping it cool with the Mishimoto 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit. We started by increasing the overall size of the core to more than double that of the stock dimensions. The 4.7-inch thick core boasts a 169% increase in overall volume and bumps the external fin surface area by 189% for optimal heat rejection properties.We didn’t stop with the size increase either. To keep the charged air flowing properly through the larger core, we updated to a bar-and-plate core construction. The robust design offers not only improved flow characteristics but also aids in transferring heat away from the charged air. The plastic end tanks are a thing of the past and have been replaced with our sleek cast aluminium designs to more effectively direct airflow to and from the piping.With the Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Kit, the intercooler isn’t the only component that received an update. We took the liberty of overhauling the entire intercooling system. Honda carried some of those sacrifices in the name of mass production over to the intercooler piping as well. The restrictive piping diameters limit the K20C1’s potential to turn up the boost with tunes, and the rubber sections are destined to deteriorate down the line. We updated these charged air channels with a 2.5†mandrel-bent aluminium cold-side pipe. The rubber sections, including the hot-side pipe, were swapped for 5 layers of heat-resistant silicone. Both characteristics will increase the airflow through the system and make sure you never experience a boost leak.The Mishimoto 2017+ Honda Civic Type R Performance Intercooler Kit comes with either a black or silver intercooler, with the option of wrinkle black or wrinkle red piping to match your style. This kit also includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty to keep you boosting around the track worry free.Youtube video of installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8NaxZkAwc0Youtube video of dyno test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isc3cZrI0HI

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