Air Water Intercooler Chargecooler FMIC.Pro for Mercedes Benz C43 AMG


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FMIC.Pro water cooler is the latest product from our professional line of tuning air coolers. For its exceptional performance is responsible the unique core, which combines two most important features: extreme cooling and maximum flows. Low air temperature combined with minimal pressure drop guarantees surprisingly high engine power after its remap – the volume of the core has been increased by +133% compared to the OEM cooler. The whole is complemented by water coats with an efficient external core which reduces the high temperature very quickly. Perfectly matched sides of the intercooler are CNC machined, which guarantees repeatability and accuracy of assembly points and connections. Each dedicated FMIC.Pro intercooler fits in place of the serial cooler and has its own unique serial number. Connection kit included


Core dimensions: 222 mm x 297 mm x 95 mm


The intercooler fits:

Mercedes Benz W/S/C/A 205 C400 4MATIC 2014-2018
Mercedes Benz W/S/C/A 205 C450AMG 4MATIC 2015-2016
Mercedes Benz W/S/C/A 205 C43 AMG 4MATIC 2016
Mercedes Benz W/S/C/A 213 E43 AMG 4MATIC 2016-2018
Mercedes Benz W/S/C/A 213 E450 AMG 4MATIC 2018-06/2020
Mercedes Benz X/C 253 GLC 43 AMG 4MATIC 2016-2019
Mercedes Benz C 292 GLE 43 AMG 4MATIC 2015-2019

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