2x Single Inlet Motorcycle Carb Sock Air Filter Ramair MS-001


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Ramair sock style air filters, which feature one hole cut out of the foam on the underside of the air filter.

The hole is designed so that you can pull the air filter over the top of the trumpets of the carburettor or the engine’s air intakes – whichever is necessary. They are then secured with cable ties if needed which are included in this sale.

They are constructed completely of foam which enables them to locate in the most difficult of areas and gives the most air flow.

Supplied with cable ties for easy fitment.


High performance twin layer foam

Easy to clean using hot soapy water

100% hand made in the UK – guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life (single user, non-transferable)

Long lasting and hard wearing

Unit Quantity: 2

No Of Inlets: Single

Inlet Hole Spacing: N/A

External Height: 150mm

External Width: 95mm

External Length : 95mm

Filtration Material: 15mm Dual Layer Foam

Internal Structure: N/A

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